Insight – it drives decision-making daily across the organization, giving CEOs, Entrepreneurs and executive teams confidence to make smart, strategic moves to grow market share and revenue. Yet many companies make assumptions on what their customers, employees and suppliers want without really asking.

This is not the time to make assumptions. Customers have choice, information at their fingertips to make insightful decisions on which companies to do business with, sharing information with their potentially vast social networks along the way. Employees are more connected than ever too, and it doesn’t take long for the good, the bad and the ugly to make its way through the corporate grapevine, affecting productivity at every turn.

Truly insight driven companies know that tapping into opinions and feedback at every interaction or touch point only leads to informed decision-making. These organizations do not wait for customers to leave before they ask why; instead, they ask their customers what attracted them to do business with the organization in the first place. Then, they use this insight to attract similar customers and offer products, services and experiences that no one else can provide.

These high performance companies also tap into employee opinions, using candid feedback to create workplaces that make employees proud to come to work, excited to recommend their company’s products and services and eager to contribute to overall business success.

The same holds true for suppliers and partners; they also have opinions and are keenly interested in your success, after all their success depends on it. And, they can be exceptional ambassadors for your company and your brand.

Are you making insightful decisions based on genuine feedback?

Research Services by Coach Kevin can help you discover authentic opinions from the people who know you best – your customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Using insight derived from confidential surveys and candid interviews, Kevin will uncover the moments and experiences that either create life-long, profitable relationships, or not. Then he’ll help you define and implement the changes required to improve so you can make informed decisions that help you adapt, grow and win in the market.

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