Kevin Lawrence helps clients clearly determine their strategic goals, develop a results-driven plan to achieve their goals, and implement processes to ensure performance accountability. Using methodologies from Mastering the Rockefeller Habits coupled with his own techniques, Kevin empowers clients to optimize their people, create greater customer value, outpace the competition and established a culture of laser-focused execution. Oftentimes, clients that engage Kevin for strategic planning are so caught up in all the urgent and not important stuff that they have lost sight of strategic intent and goals. Kevin helps clients:

  • Identify the corporate purpose and core values;
  • Establish core competencies;
  • Set financial growth targets for one to five years; and
  • Determine key annual initiatives alongside long-term priorities, which will achieve growth ambitions.

Once the vision of the organization is clearly articulated, Kevin works closely with clients to infuse the necessary actions in support of the corporate purpose throughout the culture, ensuring the entire organization is aligned in a way that invigorates and motivates the company to succeed.  For example, Kevin helps clients:

  • Build commitment everyday to winning from employees;
  • Communicate strategic thinking and results to employees regularly to foster ongoing support for the corporate purpose;
  • Understand customers’ perception of the company’s brand promise;
  • Build habits that generate repeat successes across the organization;
  • Identify the key initiatives to accomplish quarterly;
  • Make decisions that demonstrate the core values in action; and
  • Build corporate strategies that are engaging, competitively different and importantly, lasting.

Examples of Kevin’s recent strategic planning engagements include:

  1. Helping CEOs sell their companies while advising on strategies to maximize the selling price and get deals done quickly.
  2. Establishing a culture of absolute transparency in an organization that operates in a cutthroat industry, creating the perfect competitive advantage.
  3. Building a high performance team in an intensely competitive market by capturing top performers from across the industry.
  4. Helping an international retail conglomerate develop a 10-year plan with yearly and quarterly priorities. Previously the firm was so caught up in all the urgent and not important stuff that they lost sight of their collective strategic intent.
  5. Navigating disagreements amongst partners about the growth strategy of the firm: one wanted to grow by ten-fold, another not at all. Working with Kevin, the partners achieved agreement on the growth path.
  6. Helping CEOs build and instill a culture of precision-focused execution. For example, in many firms, Kevin has helped increase cash by shortening the entire cash conversion cycle as opposed to just looking at improving cash flow from receivables.

The Difference with Kevin Lawrence

Kevin Lawrence offers unique advantages over other strategic advisors including:

Extensive experience in North America and internationally: Kevin has more than a decade of real experience helping clients around the world define, plan and implement strategies that increase the value of their companies. He is motivated to help clients build winning businesses and he contributes his expertise ranging from identifying a competitively differentiated strategic vision to the operational elements required achieve that vision.

Clients trust Kevin: Working with Kevin is a big commitment; he asks tough questions, he holds clients accountable for results and he will push clients to achieve results. Notably, 90 per cent of Kevin’s client engagements are extended beyond their original agreement as a result of the breakthrough results achieved.

Clients have a track record of success: Clients that generally work with Kevin are highly competitive; they thrive on winning and strive to significantly grow and outpace the competition. Moreover, they demand and achieve big, ambitious results.

Kevin cares about helping his clients generate high value: Kevin typically works with clients that have challenging or chaotic strategic decisions to make yet have strong growth opportunities along with the tremendous desire to execute and win. If Kevin takes on a client, it is because he believes in the company and will do what it takes to ensure success and results.