“Kevin is extremely passionate about the effectiveness of the habits and is able to articulate successes from his experience to bring them to life and encourage managers to go out and try it for themselves. Inspirational!”

A distinguished speaker, Kevin’s keynote presentations and workshops inspire and rejuvenate executive teams and employees, and encourage positive and lasting organizational and personal change. With captivating lessons and strategies, and a mastery of the Rockefeller Habits, his presentations energize, motivate and enliven attendees to take action. On stage, he is inspirational, results-oriented and down-to-earth, and his energy is contagious. Everyone will be invigorated with new ways to overcome obstacles, stop procrastinating and improve relationships, and most importantly, learn to live an outrageous quality of life. Your group will laugh, learn and walk away with actionable plans to achieve immediate results.

Keynote Snapshots

Expel the Elephants: Companies can unwittingly be a safe haven for problems, personalities, belief systems or behaviors that are so obvious yet no one wants to address them. These elephants in the room are detrimental to business performance if they are not purged from the organization. In this keynote, Kevin shares proven lessons on how to expel the elephants along with 19 other top insights that inspire business leaders, motivate employees with the desire to be the best and help leaders get what they really want now.

Principles of Effective Coaching: After more than a decade of coaching high performance, results-oriented CEOs and entrepreneurs, Coach Kevin is now sought out to help business leaders discover how to lead high potentials – highly talented, ambitious employees who crave opportunities to contribute greatly to an organization’s success. In this keynote, Kevin educates and inspires attendees with lessons on what high potentials desire from leaders, techniques to help them excel, insights on their personality style and the traits, skills and tools of effective leaders. Kevin also shares the most common traps and mistakes leaders make when leading high potentials. This presentation is also valuable for business coaches and advisors.

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: Thousands of business owners have benefited directly from the simple and practical tools outlined in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, which is based on the same habits John D. Rockefeller used to master the oil industry. During that era, Rockefeller’s disciplined approach to business replaced the helter-skelter methods of the original pioneering speculators, producing real market value and wealth for Rockerfeller. Using best practices from Mastering the Rockefeller Habits coupled with his own techniques, Kevin helps clients clearly determine their strategic goals, develop a results-driven plan to achieve their goals, and implement processes to ensure performance accountability.

The Magic of Action – How to Overcome Procrastination: Every year in North America, millions of dollars are lost when people work below their true capacity. Procrastination is the Achilles Heel of productivity. It robs us of valuable time to live the outrageous quality of life that we all deserve. Kevin entertains, educates and inspires people to action with this highly interactive presentation that helps people identify and understand the costs of procrastination. He also provides participants with tangible tools to overcome procrastination so they can increase productivity, personal fulfillment and have a more enjoyable, rewarding life.

Mastering Communication with Different Personality Styles: In practically every organization there are people that don’t get along; they are in constant conflict whether it’s sales versus marketing, or accounting versus sales. Kevin entertains and educates attendees with this interactive presentation, helping them learn and appreciate various personality styles, how different personalities contribute to the overall strength of an organization and how to adapt your approach based on the type of person you are dealing with. This presentation provides an accurate look at personality profiles and equips attendees with the knowledge to master the art of communication with different personalities in a way that makes sense. In its most powerful form, this presentation is best done in tandem with the results of individual personality profiles.

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