“According to studies we’ve done with our clients, the average hiring mistake costs

fifteen times an employee’s base salary in hard costs and productivity loss.”

– Geoff Smart, Who: The A Method for Hiring 

If we’re all as good as we think we are at judging people, our companies would be overflowing with A+ superstars.

Unfortunately, as much we like to believe we’re great at hiring, we don’t have the outcomes to show for it: we’re not overflowing with incredible talent. That means most of us have some work to do.

In April I brought up a good friend of mine, Michelle LaVallee, who is the absolute rock star expert at leveraging the value of the Topgrading hiring methodology – both within a company, and with fresh candidates. Michelle and I worked together exceptionally well, with 30 CEOs, executives and HR practitioners who spent the first morning learning the methodology – and the next day and a half role-playing and practicing the tools. Michele and I constantly circulated to provide live coaching, and the improvement, over just two days, was shocking. By noon on the first day, one person summed it up:

“Oh my gosh! Now that I’ve seen how hiring can be done, there’s no way I can go back to the way we’ve been doing it for the past 20 years!”

It was one thing for everyone to learn the principles of hiring A+ talent, it’s a whole other thing for this room full of smart leaders to apply the tools and techniques – to truly extract the information they needed, from the candidate, to understand if they were great, or just average.

Start Fresh

This workshop was toughest, at first, for some HR people. One said, “Although I know what I need to do, I essentially need to forget what I’ve been doing for the past 12 years, and start fresh.”

And that is exceptionally hard.

In traditional hiring – no matter how clever the questions – it’s extremely easy for a mediocre candidate to show up great.

And unfortunately, the opposite is also true. How many people have you not hired who were actually exceptional, but your interview process couldn’t pull it out of them?

So I could go on about the value of using Topgrading to better screen your team, and build a stronger company. But I’ve learned from experience, that you actually need to experience it for yourself – to get the epiphany that there is a way that is two to three times more likely to hire an A+ person.

(Sometimes I think I shouldn’t tell the world about Topgrading – that I should just keep it for myself, and my clients, because it’s a huge advantage!)

Coach Kevin’s Challenge

  1. If you haven’t already, read Who: The A Method for Hiring by Geoff Smart and Randy Street
  2. Sign up for our next Topgrading 2-day immersion program, in October. Limited to 30 people, this for CEOs and the head of HR and key executives involved in hiring decisions – ideally a team or four people three so that implementation in the company is effective.

If you want to be on the list for our October session – or need one-on-one help – please let us know.