When I started coaching CEOs and entrepreneurs more than a decade ago, I expected to see some similar challenges and opportunities amongst them; however, little did I know at the time just how much the same issues, obstacles and opportunities would arise. It doesn’t matter whether or not clients are based in North America or internationally, which industry they operate in, their stage of growth, or whether they are a company with seven employees or 7,000, the same principles used to ignite business performance apply.

In this free ebook, I have compiled the top 20 principles that inspire business leaders, motivate employees with the desire to be the best and help CEOs and entrepreneurs get what they really want now.

Inspired to make changes that will make a difference in your professional and personal life now? Motivated to create an actionable plan for change? Then this free ebook is perfect for you. In addition to learning how to Expel the Elephants, find out how to Lick Your Toads, Eat Feedback for Breakfast, and a lot more.

Please share it with your colleagues, friends, business partners and executive leadership teams. Enjoy! Hopefully the months ahead are filled with exciting, positive and long-lasting changes for you.

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