What is CEO coaching? CEO coaching is an interactive partnership designed to help clients achieve their professional and personal goals, quickly and easily. The coach’s role is to help strengthen your skills, implement new strategies and discover solutions to overcome major issues or obstacles, with the goal of achieving meaningful, lasting results. The coach is a trusted partner who works with you on the most important aspects of your business and life.

How is coaching different than consulting or counselling? CEOs and entrepreneurs are the experts when it comes to their business. The coach’s role is to help the client clarify what they really want and then develop strategies and skills – based on each client’s unique personality and style – to achieve their goals, quickly.

A consultant provides expert advice on specific issues or situations. Consulting is excellent when you need to acquire knowledge or expertise that you do not already have, or when you need an objective third party to help understand issues and then provide recommendations. Generally, the client is expected to implement a consultant’s recommendations on his or her own.

Counselling is a valuable tool for people who need to understand and handle historical problems, deep emotional issues or issues that occurred early in a person’s life; these issues can typically hold them back today.

Who is coaching for? Kevin’s clients are typically successful CEOs, entrepreneurs and executive leadership teams, in North America and internationally, who are determined, adventurous and results-focused. They thrive on winning and strive to significantly grow and outpace the competition, but along the way they often run into obstacles that drive them nuts. As a result, they become frustrated and are seriously looking to make a big change quickly.

How does it work? How much time is involved? Is it face to face? Coaching engagements with Kevin are tailored to the unique needs of each client. The first step is to ensure that there is a good fit and that Kevin understands the issues at hand. To determine the fit, prospective clients complete a brief questionnaire.

Next, clients participate in a one-hour phone conversation to discuss and clarify frustrations, obstacles and goals.  The coaching format is discussed, as well as fees. Clients then begin the process by completing an extensive questionnaire, which further helps Kevin design a coaching experience that matches each client’s unique situation.

The first coaching engagement kicks off with a two day session either in Vancouver or at the client’s location and then clients receive scheduled one on one meetings each month, which ensures they are on track with their action plans. Kevin also helps clients work through new challenges and obstacles that come up.

Additionally, Kevin is available when clients need him, in person, or for five minutes on the phone to clarify a challenge, discuss an issue or gain input on a critical decision.

What kinds of issues do you help clients overcome? Kevin’s clients around the world trust Kevin to help them take their business to the next level while also freeing up time for them to enjoy their version of an adventurous and outrageous quality of life. As a private coach, Kevin helps clients become clear on what they want and then he helps them develop actionable plans, strengthen their skills, uncover solutions to obstacles and achieve breakthrough results.

Does Kevin help clients achieve their personal goals? Yes, Kevin helps clients achieve both personal and business goals.

What happens in an actual meeting? Kevin begins each meeting by discussing the accomplishments since the last coaching session. Simple as it sounds, this is a very powerful way to start a meeting because in the fast-paced – and often negative – world we live in, we do not usually take time to reflect on what we have accomplished; we are already on to the next opportunity or challenge. Success breeds success, and by taking time to acknowledge accomplishments, clients are invigorated to work toward ongoing results.

Next, the meeting focuses on the challenges and opportunities today and issues the client needs coaching on; this discussion takes up most of the time together.  Finally, key points are summarized and the commitments the client and the people on their team will have achieved by the next meeting are determined.

Importantly, prior to each meeting, clients complete a prep form to prepare thoughts, wins, challenges, and the follow through actions from the commitments made in the previous session.

Why is Kevin different from other coaches? Kevin brings more than a decade of hands on experience helping his clients around the world overcome major obstacles, deal with tough decisions and capitalize on new opportunities. Kevin works closely with each client to find a solution that matches their unique style and he is driven by a relentless passion for helping his clients get what they really want, in business and in life.

One thing that sets Kevin apart from other business coaches is that he actually lives by his coaching principles each and every day instead of preaching the latest theories out of a textbook. He walks the walk. With the help of his own coach, he constantly challenges himself in new areas, and continues to learn and improve to: live a better version of his own life; make things work better in business; tackle obstacles; and, ultimately become a better person and coach.

Have Kevin’s clients achieved results? Clients that generally work with Kevin are highly competitive; they thrive on winning and strive to significantly grow and outpace the competition. Moreover, they demand big, ambitious results, and they are getting them. Notably, more than 90 per cent of Kevin’s client engagements are extended their original agreement due to the success they achieve with Kevin.

What does it cost? Coaching fees depend on the size of your business and the scope of the engagement.

How long must I commit for? Kevin works with clients that are looking to make permanent changes. As a result, the minimum commitment is one year. On average, Kevin works with his clients for three years.

Does Coach Kevin handle short-term coaching projects? Due to demand for long-term private coaching and strategy engagements, Kevin does not take on short-term coaching engagements. Should you like Kevin to speak at your event or conference, or if you would like him to conduct a Strategic Planning session, or a Performance workshop, contact us for more information.