Clients engage Kevin for private business coaching when:

  • They believe their company is navigating the market with a weak strategic plan, or no plan at all;
  • Tough decisions or challenges are impeding the ability to capitalize on strategic business opportunities;
  • Executive leadership teams cannot come together and agree on strategies and the optimal execution of those strategies;
  • Unresolved conflicts or conflicting personality types are negatively impacting the organization’s performance and productivity making it difficult to accomplish goals;
  • Partners are engaged in challenging disputes about partnership agreements;
  • Organizations need to refocus how they develop and sell competitively differentiated products and services;
  • Current organizational processes require a transformation to better address business realities;
  • Employees are emerging on a fast path to a partnership or leadership role in the business and require performance coaching; and
  • CEOs and entrepreneurs are frustrated and are looking to make a serious change quickly.

CEOs and entrepreneurs around the world trust Kevin to help them take their business to the next level while also freeing up time for them to enjoy their version of an outrageous quality of life. As a private coach, Kevin helps clients become clear on what they want and guides them to develop actionable plans, strengthen their skills, uncover solutions to obstacles and achieve breakthrough results.

Working with Kevin is a big decision to make because he becomes a key advisor on his clients’ core team. Clients consistently comment that there is no hiding with Kevin as a coach. He is insightful and savvy and will quickly cut through excuses and limiting aspects of his clients’ lives; however, through his encouragement and practical tools, clients are empowered to move forward, quickly and decisively.

“I met Kevin at a point in my business when we were experiencing tremendous growth and we were all rowing in different directions. My inability to translate the strategic plan to all employees was preventing us from achieving full potential as a business and as individual contributors. Kevin has helped us transform how we look at and manage our business with practical and simple steps that has enthusiastically involved more people in the business than ever. He has demonstrated his natural ability to work and engage all levels of employees and has held us accountable to ourselves and each other.
Thanks Kevin!”
—Angela Santiago, Chief Executive Officer, The Little Potato Company Ltd.

The Difference with Kevin Lawrence

Kevin Lawrence offers unique advantages over other business coaches including:

Extensive experience in North America and internationally: Kevin has more than a decade of hands on experience helping CEOs, entrepreneurs and executive leadership teams in North America, and internationally. Clients are from a wide range of industries including consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, luxury retail, media automotive and professional services.

Personalized coaching: Kevin works closely with each client to find solutions that match their unique personality and leadership style.

Reputation for results: Kevin gets paid to do one thing, help clients achieve lasting results, fast. His methods, style and savvy approach have helped clients expand into new markets, build high performance leadership teams, attract profitable clients, improve productivity, and increase revenue and profitability. If Kevin takes on a client, it is because he believes in that client and will do what it takes to ensure success and results.

Commitment to coaching: Kevin lives by his coaching principles each and every day; instead of preaching the latest theories out of a textbook, he walks the walk. With the help of his own coach, he constantly challenges himself in new areas and continues to learn and improve with goals to live a better version of his own life, make things work better in business, tackle obstacles, and ultimately become a better person and coach. Learn more about Kevin.

Kevin is an expert at Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. Using these habits coupled with his own techniques, Kevin helps clients determine clear strategic goals, develop a results-driven plan to achieve their goals and implement processes to ensure performance accountability.