Strategic plans are imperative but companies must be rigorous in following through on plans to achieve success. Executing the strategy, mobilizing teams and individuals, and measuring progress against the established performance indicators daily, monthly and quarterly are fundamental to ongoing results.

Leveraging the renowned principles from Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits coupled with his own techniques, Kevin Lawrence helps CEOs, entrepreneurs and executive leadership teams execute strategic plans by setting up systems and processes to measure progress and performance against plans. Kevin is also an expert at helping business leaders embrace the 10 essential habits in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits that accelerate growth rates, improve financial performance and establish layers of skilled leadership for their organization. As a result, these businesses can sustain positive and profitable growth momentum and a competitive advantage in any market.

These essential habits include:

  • Aligning and strengthening executives teams;
  • Developing a clear brand promise that inspires customers and motivates employees;
  • Establishing clear quarterly priorities that can be measured tangibly each quarter;
  • Leading valuable meetings on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis; and
  • Infusing a set of core values throughout the organization to invigorate the culture.

Thousands of companies worldwide have implemented these habits and business disciplines into their firms, shifting their growth and performance into high gear. In fact, most of Kevin’s clients engage him at a minimum on a quarterly basis to help their firms stay focused and accountable on their priorities for the quarter and the year with systems, reports and key performance indicators that effectively convey the pulse of the business.  Through this focus, Kevin helps clients translate vision into action into high performance results.

If you would like to shift your strategic plan into high gear by implementing The Rockefeller Habits into your business, contact Kevin. An expert in this proven methodology, Kevin uses these simple but powerful tools coupled with his own techniques to improve performance across the business and address the unique challenges of fast-growth mid-sized companies.