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Happy Handovers: How Ashiana Housing Aligned Their Team Around The Joyful Delivery Of 2,300 Homes In Their 2015-16 Financial Year

by CoachKevin | September 27th, 2016

“The most empowering condition of all is when the entire organization is aligned with its missions, and people’s passions and purpose are in synch with each other.”

– Bill George, former CEO, Medtronic

When Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik arrived to take possession of their family’s new home in Ashiana Group’s new development in Bhiwadi, India, they were stunned.

As they approached, a red carpet stretched from the sidewalk to his front door, and a bright red ribbon wrapped around their front door. It was a moment they’d talk about the rest of their lives – and exactly what Ankur Gupta and his brothers hoped.

This happy customer moment is just one of hundreds and hundreds that take place in Ashiana properties, every year. It’s planned, it’s heartfelt – and it’s only possible because of…

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Are You All on the Same Beat – Or Making Up Your Own?

by CoachKevin | July 12th, 2016

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

– Henry Ford

Is your entire company marching to the same beat of the drum? Or is everyone making their own music as they go?

As simple as it sounds, getting people aligned to focus on a common vision and goal is actually straightforward – but it’s extremely rare to find it actually happening in a company. Lots of people talk about it – very few can pull it off.

Most people treat rallying themes with a typical “Rah rah! To the moon!” complete with posters and t-shirts  – and three weeks later, no one has a clue what’s happening.

And traditionally when an executive team goes away on retreat for ‘strategic planning sessions’, everyone else wonders what they’re doing (other…

Quarter 3 is approaching – it’s time to check in on your goals for 2016

by CoachKevin | June 19th, 2016

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of Q2 in 2016. Take 15 minutes to check in on the goals you set at the beginning of the year and reset your forces for Q3.

The most important thing is to make sure you are progressing on your #1 Goals for Work, Self and Life.
Taking some time to reflect now gives you the opportunity to adjust if needed, providing a greater chance of success for the rest of 2016.

Just download a copy of the Q2 Review and Q3 Plan

All the best for an even better Q3.


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Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Gross Profit is the Driver & Cash is King

by CoachKevin | June 14th, 2016

“Vanity is the quicksand of reason.”
– George Sand, French novelist, memoirist

Great revenue growth can bury a lot of sins.

If you simply skim over your financials when times are good, they may look fine on the surface – and be catastrophic underneath. It’s not until you hit a few bumps in the road that you realize how badly your company is actually operating – and then your vanity, your pride in your achievement – takes a tumble.

I’ve seen it more times that I care to remember: super-smart executives doing serious damage to a company because they haven’t paid attention to the right numbers, nor realized the implications of some of their decisions. They all had good intentions and incredible passion, but were misdirected by taking a short-term…

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Tough Question: Is Your Team Really Leaders or are they Managers?

by CoachKevin | May 26th, 2016

“A leader is one who sees more than others see,
who sees farther than others see,
and who sees before others see.”
– Leroy Eime

Everyone has a definition of the difference between a leader vs. a manager.

In my world, it’s simple: a manager works with a group of people to optimize their performance to do today’s work effectively – in a way that’s good for the customer, and profitable for business.

Some think that people can work autonomously without any form of management. I strongly disagree.

Whether it’s a peer-based or hierarchical system, managers are incredibly valuable as catalysts to keep things moving forward – to help people align, to focus on what’s most important.

Leaders are completely different.

Leaders take people to places they haven’t been before, and thrive on change. They define ways to cut the existing path,…

What will get you better results: A Perfect Plan or Perfect Engagement?

by CoachKevin | May 17th, 2016

“The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.”
– Eugene Delacroix, French Romantic painter, 1798 –1863

All too often leaders get caught up in trying to make their plan, product or presentation absolutely perfect.

Don’t get me wrong – I love and appreciate quality because it does make a difference. But we can get lost in the middle of projects when we are not clear on the destination.

When leaders get obsessed with perfection, they can forget about the message they are trying to communicate – and the result they want the receiver of the message to think and to feel.

If you look at the message below, the product obviously isn’t perfect. But when you read it you get the point, and the message is clear.


Still a Few Seats Left for my Rockefeller Habits/ Scaling Up Event in Vancouver

by CoachKevin | May 2nd, 2016

If you are still considering registering for the upcoming Scaling Up workshop that I am hosting on Tuesday May 17, 2016 in Vancouver, BC, I recommend that you do so soon as most of the spots are taken.

This will be an information-packed day where you will create a roadmap keep scaling your business in 2016 and 2017.  Every company I work with uses the tools and One Page Plan because they work well for growing companies…very, very well

The workshop is a great to either start leveraging the Rockefeller Habits in your company or refresh your understanding of the methodology and reset your focus as a team.

Below are links to 2 videos of me explaining the value of these tools.

When & Where

•  Tuesday, May 17 2016

•  Terminal City Club

•  8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Doors open at 8:00…

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Your Purpose: No Small Potatoes (Part 2)

by CoachKevin | April 28th, 2016

In my last blog, I talked about the value of articulating your authentic, heartfelt and connected purpose, and the experience of working with the Little Potato Company.  Today, I’m pleased to share a recent conversation with CEO Angela Santiago on their process to find purpose – and the difference it makes in her company.

Save the Potato, Feed the World Better

The Little Potato Company’s Purpose

Q: How did you find your purpose as a company?

A: The germination of the purpose was my responsibility. It was clearly in my heart and my soul.

It took years to form, although it was always underlying. When my Dad and I started the company, we and other people we attracted always wanted to make a change somehow. It just wasn’t written down…it’s just something that we did. Then, as we got more employees, it was obvious that we needed to communicate more about why we do…

Your Purpose: No Small Potatoes

by CoachKevin | April 20th, 2016

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment
around a common purpose, anything is possible.”
Howard Shultz
Chairman, CEO of Starbucks

Years ago when I first heard people talking about corporate purposes and core values I used to think it was fluff – and genuinely a waste of time.

The truth is, for most companies it is. What they say is their purpose and mission is mumbo-jumbo – just trying to sell more stuff. And their core values end up as interesting ideas they’re not accountable to.

Twenty years later I now see why I was so cynical about purpose and core values. It’s because the examples I witnessed weren’t authentic, heartfelt and connected – they were just marketing,

Purpose can’t be dictated. It has to be clearly articulated at the top – and needs to pour out of the DNA of the…

Love the Big Egos! How to Harness the Power of Great, Big Egos

by CoachKevin | April 14th, 2016

“To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one.  You become selfless.”

– Mike Krzyzewski

Coach, Men’s Olympic Basketball Team USA

Late last year, I had the absolute pleasure of hearing the amazing Mike Krzyzewski speak at a Chicago conference about what it was like to get the best out of professional athletes. The CEO of one of my clients arranged for us to attend the keynote to kick off our strategic planning sessions.

Coach of Duke University’s basketball team for the last 40 years, and more recently of the Men’s Olympic Basketball Team USA, Mike shared his wisdom and insights as I feverishly took notes. One thing he said really hit home on a topic I’d never heard articulated so well.

He talked about coaching the men’s basketball team and how…

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